Life Hurts (Pride Kills)

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Awareness Poetry, Encouraging Poetry, Love Poetry, Painful Poetry
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(Written On: March 8, 2013)

Life Hurts (Pride Kills)

I think it’d be easier if we didn’t have any feelings
I think it’d be easier if we didn’t really care at all
But the sad part is that we are always hurting
For something that happened, for someone we loved.

We spent so much time and energy building dreams
That then we’ll have to bring down before they crumble
We opened our heart, exposing our fears and frailty
Just to be treated like we’re coldblooded, ignorant and foul.

Time only passes for one side as the other pretend to be enjoying freedom
Sleepless nights thinking if one should go back
While the other is quickly moving forward in life
But none of them has ever come to visit the places that they were before.

The one that got away, the one that hurt you the most
The one that just didn’t care, the one that didn’t notice you exist
So many ones but still there’s no one but the one that things won’t work out with at all
Soon to become the one that will go away to forget about the things you both cherished and loved.

So the hardest part is that I have to enter silence
I have to pretend like I don’t know you anymore
Even though all I ever wanted was to be there for you
All I ever wanted was to be the one in your life.

Love is a box unlocked but stuck deep inside your heart
How can we be so transparent still not see what we are really made of?
How can we still deny one another?
How can we still be this selfish?
Looking for something we can’t find in ourselves
The very main reason we try to find things in others.

If I didn’t know that you have feelings
And if I didn’t know that you hurt at times
I’d believe that I’m alone in this needing
I’d believe that all that I strive was for nothing
But that’s the biggest lie that stands
Cause here in my bleeding hands…
Lays the reason why I chose to love you
The very same reason I wanted for you to love me too.

Cold and frivol in your time of pain
Whenever you need me I won’t be there
Forget all of the times I said that I would
Cause now I am hurting and want you to feel this abandonment.

Pride kills true love
Is the way that is always gonna be
Just when trying to protect ourselves from being hurt
We reject the thing that would’ve brought us real happiness.


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