The Master’s Orders

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Dark Poetry, Gnostic Poetry
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(Written on: March 22, 2013)

The Master’s Orders

This is the day we die
Young as we are, as we were
Here in our death bed we lie
But we’re no longer scared.

The future has been foretold
By the mediums and their crystal balls
Wait till the whole truth unfolds
There won’t be a single stone left unturned

Cause I know your dirty little secret
And I’m gonna blackmail you with it
You should’ve left what was there untouched
Now your dirty little hands must pay for their mistake.

The night is young
And we should take advantage of it
We’re a bit drunk
So why not do what our bodies insist?

The ending of this story is for sure
What grows crooked stays crooked forever
Wait till the whole truth reveals itself
I speak in riddles but this is everyone’s sharing.

Cause I know what hides in the corner of your mind
And I’m gonna scrub it on your face until you finally come to confront it
It’s the way we leviathanians behave
A devilish look with our snake tongues twisting in.

Life is fragile when you play with it
One too many disgraces to fill it with
I’m not the universe, just my own world
And I was sent here to destroy you all.

Don’t take it personal
I’m just obeying my master’s orders
So the next time you feel carnal
Just realize it is what we were designed to be.


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