That Moment, That Second, That Instant

Posted: May 31, 2013 in Artsy Poetry
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Good thing I write for no one, except for myself. I write to let things out of my chest, to tell my story, to share what I think about things, about how I feel, and react towards certain aspects in life. That’s why I’ll never fit in any category as a poet or as a writer.

That Moment, That Second, That Instant

Whatever happened to the badasses?
Whatever happened to those who were always struggling?
Now I’m just a stuck up loser
Not popular enough to be a rock star
Not marginalized enough to be a loner
This is not the way I pictured myself
Not angry enough to be a hater
Not happy enough to be a lover.

This is how the high school dilemma comes round again
Who am I? Who am I again?
I traded my gun for neither roses nor bombs
Just for the pleasure of trading it.

Whatever happened to standing up for my beliefs?
Whatever happened for not letting take it from the man?
Now I’m in this limbo, this vortex
That sucks me in and traps me inside
I either strive or give up but I never win
Writing about the same shit that happened a decade ago
Pathetic, I know… I should let it go
But that’s all that learned, I lived
And that’s the only way I knew how to cope with it.

This is how the high school dilemma shows up again
Am I who I wanted to be? Or am I less?
I traded my hate for the love I’m looking for
Cause I believe I too deserve to be happy.

Funny enough nobody will write as mature as I do
Funny enough nobody will write as raw as I do
They’ll all hide in metaphors and gangsta references
But no one will write as straight forward and as honest as I.

The shiny golden age never existed for me
I just rode along the wave until it drowned me
The minutes of fame were shunned down by the nothingness
All that I felt in the time that I thought that I only deserved misery.

That Moment, That Second, That instant…
It was just a dream I lived by and helped me get by…

  1. crissyb315 says:

    😦 Darn my comment was gone and I don’t remember what all I said but it was good…hhhmmmm well basically I was saying that we all write for ourselves but hope that others find something in it all to relate too. You are one of the most talented and honest and straight forward writers I know and that is one things that I love and respect about you. You are so much more talented than you know. Keep writing, you are heard.

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