Attempting To Communicate

Posted: June 1, 2013 in Artsy Poetry
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Attempting To Communicate

So I wrote this so I could explain myself to you better
But in the naïve self that we sometimes are
You believed it was another of my artistic eccentric expressions
Truth to be told, I’ve never been as clearer.
So the message was lost no matter the imprinting attempt
You didn’t have to read between the lines
You just could read like any other thing
But I guess when the heart doesn’t care to love, then the brain doesn’t care to think.
Give it up already, you don’t care to understand
This is my attempt in communication and it won’t happen again
So skip it through the end, without reading any lines
The end of this poem will be the end of our friendship.
So I wrote this thinking there could be a way to salvage
What is left, what is broken, what is silenced, anything
But now I know that a poem can’t help a goddamn thing
But to be another artistic expression of all of my frustrations.

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