The Problem of Having a Brain and Using It

Posted: June 1, 2013 in Awareness Poetry, Encouraging Poetry, Political Poetry
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Problems sometimes are not only your own. Everything around you sometimes affect your life in the worst/most positive way depends on what that might be. That’s what this poem is about. I like writing about things no one else dares to write about. This is one of them.

(Written on: April 5, 2013)

The Problem of Having a Brain and Using It
Nobody cares about your theological beliefs
Nobody cares about your political point of view
Nobody cares about your racial dilemmas or lack of wealth benefits
In this mess all that we care about is our own bullshit.
Nobody cares except for what face you wear
Nobody cares except for the words you slur
Nobody cares except for how nice you pretend to be
And how many people you can lie to using it.
Let’s keep the topic neutral
Nobody likes to stir the waters up
Nobody gives a fuck about wars in other countries
Nobody gives a fuck who dies or who’s starving there
Proud of my own country’s prejudice
Proud of the abuse our leaders hide from its citizens
Let me turn my head while the world burns down
Give me freedom of speech, give me a gun
Give me pills, give me power over others
While we keep hiding under the rug the real problems
This is not the place to address these things
This is not the right forum to express my feelings.
You don’t want me to be sick
But then again you cannot simply fix me
In this hospital I can be whatever except the real me
Cause being different from everyone else means I truly carry a disease.
You wanted someone smart
Someone who could think
Someone who won’t conform
Someone who wouldn’t commit
To the illusions they try to feed us with
I’m more of a pacifist than of a pessimist
That doesn’t affect my perception of what realism is
But let’s keep this topic down on the under
Cause no one needs to hear any of it…
You don’t want to be labeled as a joke, an insane fanatic
A nut job, a basket case, a paranoid schizophrenic
Even worse as antipatriotic, as a communist, as a terrorist
But I guess that’s the problem of having a brain and using it.

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