More oldies…

(Written on: June 3, 2003)

I feel like shit
I feel like nothing
I feel so down
I feel so sick
I feel so useless
I feel pathetic
I feel so sad
Angry and full of hatred
I feel pitiful
About myself
I feel broken
I feel uninspired
I feel insignificant
I feel alone
I feel unloved
I feel lonely
I feel cold
I feel stupid
I feel dumb
I feel rejected
I feel numb
From everything around me.
  1. crissyb315 says:

    I can relate to this, well at least at one point in my life I could. I think that girl is still in me who does…but I am trying to learn to let these kind of feelings go.

  2. Yeah Felt all that. I have old writings… fun to look at.

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