Posted: June 7, 2013 in Encouraging Poetry, Love Poetry
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Come undone the bubble I was living in
I filled it with spikes and devils with wings
But from the sky there was a voice, someone yelling
But I don’t believe in angels, I didn’t believe in Heaven.
But now this world has drawn a beautiful smile across the horizon
This place I live in is not one to give all you have, all you want to give
I sigh at the frustrations I have while attempting to open up to the sun
I know that your smile shines brightly through my rain painting a rainbow.
There’s so much love bottled up in this dark old forgotten bottle
I was taught to leave everything and everyone behind and move forward
But since I have tripped and fell, I’ve been contemplating on all these false morals
And you’ve found me here asking for something I thought you’d fail to give me.
But… but… but…
You’re inspiring and you inspire me to inspire
And while I inspire you and get inspired by you, I inspire others
And those others inspire me in the constant pursue of your inspiring love.
  1. crissybwell says:

    This is absolutely beautiful and yup I can imagine your reply to that 😉 but really this quite beautiful and I love reading your words when so inspired that is when you write best. ❤

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