(Written on: January 13, 2013)

The black dogs came here to get rid of my corpse
I can hear the wall crawlers whispering from beneath
They’ve been staring at me since I was of age
Stalking me in my dreams, (sent by the Light Bearer)
I can see them in the corner of my eye.
Watching my every move from the ceiling
The red eyes beings with sharp knives’ teeth
It must be insanity for the are no numbers after 11
Well maybe 3, maybe 6, maybe 9
Oh Lord of the flies, have you come to finish the pact?
There’s a doorway behind the wall of the mind
Shadow people awaits to be your tour guides
Inside the white room the sphere is a receptionist
Oh sweet Beelzebub, how many names have you come to be named?
Enter the dealer, the tempter, the snake.
Anointed knowledge, oh, great Baphomet
Alchemists reaching for the philosopher stone
Satyr, dance for me, to distract my thoughts
Luzbel, Natas, Leviathan and Moloch
I know your faces through the grace of Jahveh.

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