(Written on: May 22, 2013)


Yes I know the beginning of this story
Now is the ending all I have to worry ‘bout
And I’ve written this a thousand times over
And I think it’s way past time I turn this around.

And if you still haven’t found someone to love you
Look for him, look for her, look up and down, look around
And if you’ve lost that someone who used to love you
Well, look inside you; the memories in your head are proof enough.

Yes I know the world enjoys crumbling down
And I know how the gray clouds love to gather ‘round
And I’ve written that a thousand times over
But then again it’s not the only thing in life I’ve found.

And if you still hasn’t found love for yourself
Look for it, deep in you, in the eyes of others, in your dreams
And if you believe there’s no beauty there to find
Stop lying to yourself for a second and realize you’re still alive.

How easy is to give up and give in and to surrender
How easy is not to get up, move on and walk further…
Learn to laugh, learn to smile, and to breathe and to enjoy
Everything that crumbles will continue to crumble still, so why haste its crumbling path?

  1. CalmYourTits says:

    this is very beautiful and moving

  2. crissybwell says:

    There is always hope for love, so true to never give up. One must always seek and attempt to find love, sometimes that feels like the only thing that we have. ❤ 🙂

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