Loop Holes

You’ve taught me to hate you
Oh mother land, freedom nation
With all of its prejudice and racism
As if we were pure blood still
So come the laziness and the broken backs
This unbalanced country is such a whore
Three times the color, twice the language
And our moral values and self worth are no more.

Burn the flag
It has lost any meaning for me
Call me anti-patriotic, call me a traitor
This country has gone down the shitter
And everyone has their heads so deep in its shit
That they’ve become too blind to see, so used to the smell
They just keep sucking up and sucking in, this cow manure.

A nice storm would do some good
An earthquake would do a lot more
Something that could break this and rearrange it
Something that could make us realize we’re on the fall.

We the people are puppets
Zombies following through
And they’re leading us towards the edge
But if it’s not funny, why does it amuse you?
Is not their fault that we’re so stupid
Unable to see that we live by our greed
Fake gold stones, piece of papers painted green
They’re playful things, we just give their pretended value to them.

This version of life is an impossible one
They switch the rules to make you believe that they’re favoring you
There’s no such thing as freedom of act, or freedom of speech,
It’s just a method to keep us entertained dissenting
About every little detail of what we as individuals believe.

We keep falling in these loop holes
By agreeing to disagree
Don’t tell me there isn’t a right way to make things happen
Every way couldn’t give the same results, and even if they did,
They all couldn’t be truly precisely and specifically good,
Taintless, without any shred of evil or trickery placed in it.

  1. crissybwell says:

    I couldn’t agree more with what you said, it’s sad to see things how they are and people talk about nothing can be done to change them, and they just sit and do nothing. I don’t understand how/why people think inaction is in some way action or that by just voicing something it will convert into action, the only thing that makes things happen is action, nothing else and only way to find out how to make something better or change thing is to attempt to do it. Things can always be better, we just have to keep striving to find that way to make them so and there is always a way, just keep hoping and keep finding your way. *hugs* This poem is great! So passionate and expressionistic, which of course you always are 🙂

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