Snakes and Daggers

Suck dry the fragments and residues of the man you once loved
Gather with your friends and lovers and laugh about how much you’re hurting him
Feminine feline with the traits of a harpy and a snake
How much fun to have when spitting on the face of justice.

It’s time for the innocent to pay
Slut yourself in order to obtain libertine power
But all the traces you leave are the pieces representing your soul
You don’t need it now but you never know if you may tomorrow.

And the people who once believed your facade are now observing the truth
And all your little ones will one day grow and be asking for the truth.
And does your plan extends till it comes to then?
And doesn’t it bothers you what you’re doing is causing?

How can you act as if this doesn’t concerns you?
What do I have to do to make you see through your doings?
Life’s been drawing lines and you keep crossings them
What are you to do when the stop sign finally stabs you in the heart?

You should’ve thought of this before deciding what you decided
Before closing the pact with the devil you hired
Before giving the lives of your own as a sacrificial exchange
Before blaspheming the name of the one having mercy on you still.

Your kingdom’s reward will be dropped at your feet
You’re a heroine to all those who seek only harm on others
You’re the queen of your own evil intents and you’re enjoying it
But every empire is meant to be burn down and to crumble.

And I know the serpent has granted you all these wishes
I know the prince of air is behind your wicked plans
I’m pretty sure that the one you serve used to be an angel
But like him you just defied the ones who gave you all the forgiveness and mercy you needed.

One day you will have to face the consequences
I’ll be there with my scarlet dagger to set things straight
To send to hell what was meant to be there in first place
I pray that God purifies whatever is left of your dead being.

  1. crissybwell says:

    Raw and honest this is very powerful. Sorry for the feelings that lead you to write this. (((Hugs)))) love you. ❤ ❤

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