Posted: July 22, 2013 in Encouraging Poetry, Love Poetry
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If fear is what we didn’t have
What would we have then?
We tend to think about the doubts
It’s what keeps us bleeding.
Although we are broken
Our bones, our lives, our hearts, our souls can be mended
So why are you afraid of crying?
The past is the past and time moves forward onto the future.
This life is not a one wall painting
So why do you keep staring at it?
Can you see around all of the colors?
Pain is the part where we die and live forever.
If pain wasn’t in us, in here
What do you think we would be feeling?
Bring down that armor full of denial
Let your heart weep for a while until it’s clean from its impure water.
Although this is the end
We can always aspire for a newer beginning
Stay here as long as you need
Cause probably tomorrow we will have to be in the moving.
We were so wrong, thinking we had it all figured out
But not knowing this has help me understand how much I need to listen
Love is a pride hurting thing that leaves our hearts wounded
But is the only thing left if we want to grow within ourselves and our spirit.
What was it that made us take the steps that we took?
I thought it was a dream of tomorrow, a hope for the better
So why un-cling ourselves for a bitter reality filled with chaos?
Are we so desperate to sink into our pride but not into our desires?
You and I, we’re not examples of the mass
You and I, we’re only examples of ourselves
I prefer to die, right here, held in your warmth arms
Than to live forever, alone, out there, in the cold.
  1. crissybwell says:

    This is quite beautiful, yet there are moments/lines that seem unsure. I guess that is how life and love is though, we think we know or have an idea of what we really want only to discover that it may not be exactly as we had planned, but it’s still just as wonderful or more wonderful than what we had imagined. I don’t think that life/love is ever easy and if there is not some risk or like you say fear then we aren’t doing something right. We fear because realize what we could/can lose if we don’t get or aspire to where we want to go or be….but as long as we keep striving then we can get exactly what we need. Sometimes we don’t have to have it all figured out, we just have to act/risk out of a place of love and then let that take us where we need to be *hugs* ❤

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