Losing you second by second
Minute by minute
Hour by hour
Day by day.
Growing distant mile by mile
Length within length
This extended dimension
Where I can’t reach to you anymore.
Dying with every gasp of air
I’ve held death in my arms before
Will this be the last time I’ll see your eyes open?
Will this be the last time that you will close them down?
Your smile makes it difficult to explain
Is it best for you not to understand what this is about?
Come rest here, in Mother Nature’s shoulder
Soon you will return to your home, where you were built.
My tears, I know, they won’t give hope
But they are the only thing I can offer
Afraid of what I’ll do once you are gone
I don’t think I’ll be able to deal with all of this.
Bury my head, for all of my pain, my shame, my suffering
They don’t compare with what you’re still going through
My life is in my own hands, but I wonder what about yours?
Sacrifice for the ones who need angels in the heavens? No!
So if this is the last thing I ever write to you
All I want to you to know is that I’m so sorry
I never wanted any of this to happen to you
I never meant to hurt you in the ways that I’ve had.
  1. crissybwell says:

    I have tears in my eyes, this is heartbreaking. All I want to do right now is hold you and let you release all of these feelings and fears. I just want to tell you that everything will be ok, but I don’t know that and I can’t promise anything, it just breaks my heart to see you hurting and suffering in such a way and no matter what I will always be here for you, with you through all of this. I know that it’s hard, distance, life, everything seems so cruel, but just keep holding to hope, the belief that it will get better, that your desire is just what you think will happen, that it will turn out for the better. I love you *hugs*

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