Barrier (That One Thing I Won’t Break)

Posted: July 26, 2013 in Relations Poetry, Social/Society Poetry, Struggle Poetry
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Inspired on the darkness of the night.

Barrier (That One Thing I Won’t Break)

Come on
And take the space that belongs to you
Pathetic, I know
Won’t you pity me?
Isn’t that what you are here for?

Is just a way that you will come to see
Ridiculous, eh?
Won’t laugh one more time?
Tears always follow these jokes here.

Don’t give me of your love
Give me of your death
Cause when you’re sick and tired
You will end up doing so.

Speak up
Your silence is the thing you’ve accused me of
Confused now, aren’t we?
I am the one you talk about
I am the same as the ones around.

Come give me that look
Come scoff as you always do
This is a war I won’t win
Cause you have already won it all.

I’m not the mirror you’re looking through
I’m a doppelgänger of the people you’ve known
I am the déjà vu, I am the repetition
As all your words you’ve said and I’ve heard before.


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