You welcomed me into your haven
Who would have thought that it would turn into a hell?
Enough proof, there’s no such thing as heaven
For the next time somebody promises things will be well.

Ungrateful? Well I’ve been called worse
I’m gonna let this life run its course
It’s time I get away forever
If this doesn’t work, I’m gonna pull the lever.

When speaking of death, one must begin with oneself
All of the insanity behind the words of love within yourself
Research your thoughts before I come spitting at me
Sick of no one admitting their flaws, never apologizing for their mistakes.

Focus your attention on your personal issues
Your pointing your finger way too close to my face
If you wanna cry your fears out, go buy some tissues
I was the one standing there, but then you pushed me aside.

When speaking of life, one must bite their tongues in
How’s the taste of blood, confuses you when you’re dizzy
Is not my fault that everything went down the shitter
I’ll only accept putting the pressure where the wound still is.

If there’s no way to fix it
It’s because you want it to be broken
So sick of leaving things like that
It is not my fault you enjoy the wound bleeding.

Hell is a one way ticket
If I don’t live in peace, I’ll take measures in my own hands
Hell is a one way ticket
I’m only afraid of hurting you by taking my own life…


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