This is the second part of “The Defiant”
Am I dreaming?
Is this a dream?
Attending this personal funeral
I’ve analyzed my existence for all of its meaning
A parallelism of a stigmatism
One always hurts oneself just for the pleasure of hurting another
Contemplating and meditating
I elevate my spirit up to higher realms
Still chained to the lives of the living
I try to find the directions written on the palm of my hands
I mustn’t be scared
Of what I may find (in here)
I mustn’t be scared
This is the only way.
I must be serene
For when the storm comes
I must stay in peace
For when the pieces crumble.
Peripheral for the damage
Should I put a net on?
In case of a fall, in case of an error
Would I jump up the gun?
There’s no room here for black holes
Patiently I must wait for the results
Why would I follow this path?
If there was no end for it
Why I confine in this faith?
If there were no benefits.
Why would I enjoy the bleeding?
Why would I enjoy the suffering?
I am aiming for the redemption of the holy
Hidden in the ramparts of this shrine.
If I’d to give up
I’d do it now
To swim up to the shore
Just to die there, no…
I can’t confuse the meaning in doing this
Can’t lose focus of why I’m doing this
I must keep going and going
And I must never stop
Cause if I even attempt to ignore this
I will never reach the top
And for you, my all
I’d do anything in my power
Just to see you grow
And uncover all there’s to know.
I won’t be scared
I’ll be in peace
I must fulfill my dream
And so I’ll stay serene.

~Ryan Lyandree

  1. crissybwell says:

    Another powerful poem, sometimes we must just wait and attempt to do what we can to help those around us see the way, but we must let Him take over. When everything is crumbling and chaotic around us, trusting in God’s power and mercy is the only way to stay serene through all of the storms of the world. Look forward to reading more…there is so much to think about…

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