Enter Whatever Title You Think Fits Best

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Painful Poetry, Relations Poetry, Struggle Poetry
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Enter Whatever Title You Think Fits Best

Empty room full of thoughts
I stumble across the ghosts
One by one by one by one
A mountain of issues I hide under the rug.

Death seems such a warm friend
Hugging me tight, whispering “let it go”
I’ve spent many nights with the knife
My lover carving through my skin, tasting my blood.

And you, my angel, my crazy paradise, my hope
How do you come to love me, when you know how broken I am?
How much will your love last until you finally get bored?
I hope it last forever, cause I need you more than I’ve let you know.

  1. crissybwell says:

    This is heartbreaking and beautiful. I am sorry for the pain and how you are feeling, but you are so hard on yourself. You talk about me worrying, but you worry so much about something, like getting bored, be happy now and be here. You are loved and you are cared for and yes the future will take care of itself and relationships, like anything, take work, real work and if two people are putting in the work needed then there is no worries to have. Who doesn’t get bored? But does getting bored equal leaving? Of course not, you get bored so you do something more exciting, their are easy fixes to what seem like complicated situations, you just always have to be willing to try and do things and hey as long as their are new movies and places to eat we should be good 😉 hehehe Love is so much more meaningful than being bored or excited by a person, you just love, that is what love is supposed to be. I love you!!!

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