The Truth of Life

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Awareness Poetry, Encouraging Poetry, Social/Society Poetry
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The Truth of Life

Your most heavy thoughts will occupy your mind
You most tearing fears will shake your trust side to side
The events of your past will dictate your love for another
The scars in your heart will truncate your chances for happiness.

The things you hold in your hands will soon be dropped with disappointment
The feelings you have in heart will soon be poisoned by the confusion
All the things you once thought loved and wanted to give your life for
Are all the things you want now gone, dead, forgotten and deeply buried.

If you go along with the script you will end up with a sad ending
Dare to be hurt, to be different, and move on in your life again
The things that they do and they say are already written on paper
Everyone’s so afraid of forgetting their lines, and then having to improvise them.

The things you were taught will soon come to be a complete lie
The fears that they put in you will soon come to be your ruling masters
So you shelter your heart with an armor of indifference
And set your mind to believe that everyone’s there to abuse your confidence.

Once you turn on the defense system, it doesn’t seem to be a way to turn it off again
So whoever comes across it, mostly in bad days, they will have their share of the blitz
All of the people that you’ve hurt in order to protect yourself, at times seems contradictory
Who is to say that they haven’t been doing the same with you all this time as well?

If you play by their rules, you’ll end up despising yourself in due time
Dare to open up, to be exposed, and move on with your head up high with pride
The things that they’ll do, you already know them, for they are simple repetitions
Don’t be afraid of being yourself, don’t be ashamed of giving to others what others haven’t ever given you.

Don’t give it up
And don’t give in
And don’t give up
In the way that you’re living…

The truth of life lies in the ones who dare to make the difference
Against all odds, all of the weather, whatever might rain down on them
So do you want to win your own recognition or be just another number on the list?
The biggest reward is to realize you’re not helping in the demise of this world that is already bending downhill.

  1. crissybwell says:

    I love this, heartfelt, inspiring, we should all hope to be this way. We should all strive to change and make the world a better place. Great poem.

  2. Pink Woods says:

    This poem seems to speak to me. Glad you’ve written this just at the right i needed these words.

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