Inspired on a movie… And some relationships...

Wrists Slitting Love

Obsessively in love with you
Come hurt me but you love me
You say don’t want to be around
But that’s because you don’t know the real me.

You know, I’ve changed
I’m not the one you used to know
I’m more in touch and compassionate
Maybe you should give me another chance.

You know, I always think of you
I cannot take you off my mind
All I want is to be with you
I want to give us a second try.

All this time we’ve been away
It has helped me to reflect
I’m reading the books you recommended
I’m taking my meds daily.

If you could only read this letter
If I could only see you one more time
Just give me a moment please
To prove to you I’m a changed man.

We cannot end this marriage
We cannot throw it all in the waste can
You have to push it even further
You have to, don’t you understand?

You know all I’m doing here is for you
Is for you that I live, that I am
Without your love, there would be no meaning
So will you give me another chance to be your man?

Don’t look the other way!
Is there somebody else waiting for you?
Is it that guy again?
You know what?! Fuck this! We’re through…

Wait a minute!
I’m sorry…
Give me another chance…
I truly am a changed man…

  1. crissybwell says:

    This is very well written and I have to see the end of the movie!! It is very powerful and heartbreaking. It is sad that life and love, again is sometimes like that, when we think that we love and that we have found what we want and need then to see it all slowly or quickly go away or be taken from us. I think that we get what we need in time and that love is there if we are willing and able to accept it. Keep writing and expressing and sharing your emotions. Love you!!

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