My God, the Recognition

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Artsy Poetry, Happy Poetry, Sarcastic Poetry, Social/Society Poetry
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My God, the Recognition

Putting words on piece of paper
Hoping that somebody will read one day
I could let my emotions for later
But I want them to inspire somebody in some way.

But if you pass over
And don’t take a look at all
Then why am I even trying?
Face flat against the floor.

The sweet sound of victory
When my eyes see all those likes
No need to care about, or feel sorry
I’m the king of poetry and rhymes.

My God, my Recognition
Thank you for all these beautiful moments
Thanks for making me so damn talented
I will recognize your love for me after my name is celebrated…
Not a minute before.

Safety shelter has become a prison
I mix my real experiences with the fantasy in my mind
So I can be brutally honest, still leaning towards riddles and ambiguity
Just like when I speak with my friends and loved ones.

If you don’t get the point
Well then you don’t honestly know me
I’m doing this out of fun
I’m doing this while bleeding dry my heart
I don’t joke about these experiences
But I laugh at them while trying to get them out of me
People seem to be confused about my way of dealing with reality.

My God, my Recognition
Lies in writing whatever the hell I want
I am a artist in my own way, I am a master of my own craft
Aren’t we all, gosh darn it!?
So let’s all celebrate that we are all different from the trending mass.

  1. crissybwell says:

    This is a very lighthearted yet honest, open piece. I really like the tone that you wrote this poem in.

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