Skeleton hand with a snaky tail
So beautiful and venomous too
They all stare at you and well
They’re all amazed and in love with you.

“It feel from the sky”
So it’s been said
By the people mystified
To the fact you exist
But me, I’ve given blood
As I’ve hid in the shadows
Come out from the wall skin
To paint the town red again.

Veronica, my sweet serpent lover
I’ll travel with you to the end of world
Grab hold of my hand, never let go of it
We’ll walk above water, from death we’ll suffice.

A tattoo on my arm
The legacy of our love
The things we’ve sacrifice
The innocent, the young and the small
Spilled all their blood
To sealed off the pact
Up on that mountain
Where the one and only God stares down and smiles.

Glanced into the window
Stared at the unwanted
One broken promise to sanctity
Until the flesh became part of me
Just like it was meant to be
Another eternity flushed down the toilet
Who wants to live forever anyways?
When I just need of your tease and your kiss.

We’re nature after the garden
Labor with pain and starving
“Come eat from this fruit”
She begged me
“It’s quite what we needed”
She told me
But for you my angel with night wings
I’d eat the whole tree and bite at the hands that molded me.

You can give me
What no other can
A piece of that flesh
A hole quite appealing
You and me, we are two
Born from the same sinful act of convenience
They are us as I am you
Down bellow this heavy surface, still scraping.

  1. You seem strong.yet stubborn, standing like a mountain.a voice like the North wind Things slip into your mind. No matter how you layer yourself. Warm, yet distant standing tall, a living paradox, with an effortless sort of confidence that lightens the mood and washes away tension, Like a wave wiping away words written on the sand.

    • bloodnshadow says:

      Thanks! That was really beautiful and poetic — your reply. I think you captured some of my essence. 🙂 I enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s always nice for others to appreciate what I do here.

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