Posted: September 10, 2013 in Artsy Poetry, Dark Poetry, Enigmatic Poetry, Gnostic Poetry
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She’s got connections in high up places
She’s got her peers near the exit doors
She’s built a temple where the sun is praised
She’s got the keys to the riddles untold.
I’ve sold my soul to the children eater
In order to proclaim those of my own
I betrayed my own trust to gain somebody else’s
It was the only way to compete with her throne.
I watched it fall from high in the sky deep into the ground
I watched it walk its way up to the top until it lost its legs
I watched it convincing her with the tone of his sound
She took a bite of that skin and she was completely its.
I’ve seen the twelve signs between the 13 seconds of spare
Contemplated the six strings holding up the 3 people in space
Watched it put on its mask, dancing across the squared floor
Back and forth, black and white, bright as morning, glowing like a star
Father of death, stealer of humbleness
She’s the purple daughter, knitted in crimson, riding on his back
He’s been hurt, a wound sure to kill it
But now the same powers to be have raised me, in order to reclaim what’s mine.
This is not a battle between blood and flesh
This is a war between demons and devils alike
And I don’t mind anymore about what made us divide
This house won’t last long standing on its own…. This house won’t survive.
  1. crissybwell says:

    This is very powerful. There is a lot of heart and emotions in this. I enjoyed reading it, I have missed your poems.

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