Not Homo-sapiens, Homunculi
All they teach us is to hate each other
All I was taught is to mistrust everyone around me
Oh, earth-mother, have you found another lover
Who can make you feel special with that unique fill?
Sexist to the core, I despise all kinds of gender
But you my love, I know you need this kind of love
The kind of love that was never actually given
The kind of love I crave, I need, I been looking for above anything else.
All they taught us was to rely on ourselves
But I want to lay my head on your shoulders for a while
Oh, sweet love, coming from heavens, communicate
You are the only one who makes me feel like I exist.
Phobic in my heart, I beg and pray for the world to end
Burn it to the ground, beautiful and delicate fire flower
I need the kind of end that every hero is looking for
The kind of ending that makes this life feel less meaningless.
At a certain time in our lives we stopped breathing
We became machines producing power and wealth
For pigs that feed from our sweat, tears and torn muscles
No, my Nova Cristo, I’m not a homo-sapiens, but a homunculus.


  1. crissybwell says:

    So yes I had to look up what “homunculus” meant…so learned something new 😉 But I really liked this poem, it is full of emotions and it seems sad yet hopeful. A sort of melancholy feel, artistic and expressionistic and thought provoking, just like all of your poems are 🙂 Love you!

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