A ghostlike feeling came around me
A paranoid impression as if being stared at
And in the shadows it looked like my father
Looked like my brother, and looked like you
As your eyes gazed, my mind was puzzled
Pointing with that twisted finger, evil smirking
Unsteadiness sensation, with a headache, and an uneasy stomach
Just like a child left in the rain waiting for his mother to return.
Why do some prayers seem unanswered?
I wasted my voice seeking Jesus sayings
Why do I constantly end up empty handed?
Seems I’ve wasted my time in Jesus teachings.
Why do we act this way?
With the drinking and the killing and the joy
Why are we being this way?
As were able to smile, we are able to destroy.
I’m just a disgrace for this disrespectful world
I should crucify myself right to the next fool
To leave your house, unhand all of your food
Visit only when you’re on your death bed or Thanksgiving.
I should learn how to say my prayers
I should learn when to go to Church
I should learn how to peal this many layers
Just in time before I start to twist and burn.
Why this figurine doesn’t do a fucking thing?
Before this virgin I’ve knelled down all night
So why won’t this woman give me her blessing?
I’ve wasted my time in what I thought was right.
I am who I am
And I can’t be another
I am who I am
And I can’t be like any other.
~Ryan Lyandree
  1. crissybwell says:

    Very powerful and intense. I’m enjoying reading the work that is created for Ryan. He is a very strong, head strong, honest character. Look forward to reading more.

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