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The Bend
Back and forth
Downward and backwards
Evil creates
Evil rejects
I am poison to your lies
I am poison, the evidence
In this deranged world
Where pretty things are
The things that are chosen
To be raped and strangled
My one eye sees
My one eye speaks
I know I’ll lose
I know I’ll burn
But my truth will glow
Like the sun; your phoenix.
I sold my soul
For the knowledge
Gave my future
For the one truth
Now I have to pay the price
For having danced with snakes
I know you all serve the devil
I know you all are participants
I know the master plan
It isn’t a secret anymore
And you know it
That’s why you laugh
And slit my throat in public
Cause you know nobody cares…
What’s right or wrong anymore.
Oh Baal Zebub
Fallen Angel
The Most Beautiful
Prince of Air
Gatherer of Legions
The Leviathan
The Great Architect
Designer of Homunculus
Moloch and his son Molech
The Beast and Baphomet
Sapphire and Lucifer
The Satyr and Satan
The serpent biting the ankle
Father of us all, we, your children
We ate the fruit cause you told us to
We read the Book of the Law cause we wanted to know the secrets of science and life…
Eliphas Levi is still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So raise your obelisks and your pyramids
Awake the seven headed dragon!!!
For we are the Harlot!
Third eye wide open!!!!

Anthony and Daniel

We all have a purpose in this life
And though I struggled most of mine
Trying to figure out what was it
You came into my life and forever changed it

You attached to my heart
Your need for love was my need to give some
And my need for love was the reason you were born
We were created to love one another, father and son.

We all have a hole inside ourselves
That needs to be filled somehow someway
Mine was something that was killing me
Until you came into my life and gave me a reason to live.

You attached to my soul
Your need for security was my need to give comfort
And my need for comfort was why your little arms were formed
We were created to hold one another, father and son.

If I ever come to forget about this
You will always come to remember me
Even when my body and mind gets lost away
You’ll always be there to remind me you are the reason
I chose to live this life
Instead of giving up
You’re the beating of my heart
You are my everything, you are my all.

Though there’s nobody I know by that name; this is dedicated to every beautiful girl out there, mostly those who are poets, and the men falling in love with them.

Monica Marie

Your face is so precious
And there’s something about your hair
The way it falls, caressing your check bones
And the way your smile draws those beautiful dimples.

Come to me
Come to me tonight
I am a slave to your heart
My beautiful Monica Marie
It’s the way you bob your head
When you feel a bit nervous
And the way your eyes stare at me
Like their piercing into my soul.

Let’s come rest
Inside the shelter of our love
On each other’s shoulder
Sweet Monica Marie
Hair red burns like fire
Your passion is my desire.

You’re an anagram for love
Inside of my thirsty heart
You’re my oasis, my resting place
For my love to be seeded and grow forever furthermore.

In my recollection of memories for love
You’re the first image
You’re the bridge that fills the gap between my heart and my feeling
And now my heart can love again.

Adherent Associate

Sometimes I feel the heavy disappointment of the broken night before
Gaining weight upon my shoulders
Sinking me deeper, ever under
But I’ll never forget the way you looked at me
I will never forget the words you said too me
“Thanks for all the support you gave to me
You were right there for me from the beginning… and you were right.”

Something unexpected changed my life forever
This is who I mean to be
This is what I mean to do.

Sometimes I feel the heavy burden of the unresolved discussions in my chest
Expanding across my muscles, choking its core
Waiting for the truth to come forth
And I’ll never forget the drawings painted across
Somewhere in your heart there was some warm love for me
I guess this is the effect I create on people I care about
I guess this is my curse, this is my blessing; to be there… Until I can’t anymore.

Something unexpected changed my life forever
This is who I mean to be
This is what I mean to do
And if you can’t see that
Then you don’t belong with me
If you cannot see my worth
Then you don’t really love me.

You cannot fill a vase that’s full
But you can fill an empty one
If you don’t need me, let me go
If I have nothing to teach you, please understand
That there is nothing I can do
I am useless when my usefulness is being wasted
If I’m boring to you, a little bit frustrating
I advise you, girl, pick up a book and begin some learning.

Exasperating Belief
How many times have you been called hypocrite?
Cause you go back to drink, get your fix, to sleep around?
How many times have you thought of giving up?
Cause you get up and fall down and get up and fall down?
In the minds of the others you’re just a waste of time
And the pain they have caused you, you must overcome
They will only pick you up, just to throw you away
But this apathetic sadistic pattern won’t always be forever.
Cause behind that wall, the truth is bleeding
Begging and asking to be seen, to be reached
Like your prayers, every night, every time you are hurting
Drunk and high and wasted and messing up again.
How many times have they been disappointed?
In your failures, in your fallings, in your mistakes?
How many times have you tried to prove them wrong?
By trying so hard that you open a wound and begin pouring blood?
In the hearts of the wounded only coldness perseverance
And the pain that they’ve felt they want you to feel too
They will treat you like they’ve been treated; indifferent
But this constant turmoil of tormenting chaos has an ending point.
Behind that wall, the one stopping you
There’s a door begging to be opened, to be crossed
And like you’ve dreamt, your eyes won’t believe what they’re seeing
The glory of love wrapped in the warmth of the embracing.
The world doesn’t have to see you with the eyes of love
The one who created you has, is, and will always love you…
“Ooh, I want to set it all on fire
Bury my feet in the cold of a meadow
Into the unknown northern wind
Dreams to ignite, through northern fields we’ll fly…
Don’t tell me it’s all the same in the middle
So memory, I lie inside your meadow
Tow me around and outside the meadow
Turn me around for all I can hear.”
~Jeremy Enigk
Alpha Filium
Jesus, your beautiful presence I long to feel
Help me shed all this sin in my body and make me anew
You’re the only one who with his clean hands
Can wash away all of the mistakes I’ve made throughout my life.
Jesus, your beautiful voice I want to hear
Help me out this prison I made for myself and my demons
May your holy spirit guide me and redeem me
It is by your blood that I’m guiltless and able to reach to you.
Jesus, You alone, are Savior
You alone, are the Way
It is by You alone that we can find redemption
It is You alone who can lead us to the Father.
Jesus, without you there’s nothing
Jesus, without you only emptiness
All the knowledge and the passion burning inside
They are meaningless if you’re not the fire in my soul and in my heart.
Jesus, you have never disappointed me
Jesus, I’m not ashamed in praising you
Call my name; I want to serve you always
I wanna live and die by your beautiful cause.