The 50 %

You all like the hot turd
The trend turd
So damn absurd
Move like everyone else
Think like everyone else
Talk like everyone else
Don’t feel alone when they reject you
They’re one big fucking family
You like the smell of shit
You like the taste of shit
Cause it’s all they’ve been serving
It’s all you’ve been fed with
Behave to make them feel comfort
And warm inside
But when the shit hit the fan
They will convince you otherwise.

In this horse poo of a rainbow
Pick the brightest brown
And say is fucking purple
Or baby blue.

Eat the shit
I don’t give a damn
Take it personal
When I beg you to have your own personality.

Ignore the harsh reality
You don’t want any trouble
Follow the goddamn trend
You fucking sheep disgust me
Give praise to those who were born to be praised
Yell the names of those whose names been yelled all these years
Those without a voice will find a way to stab through
And believe me when I say, this will one day be true.

  1. crissybwell says:

    I respect your views and opinions upon art but they aren’t always the same, at least in my experience. I don’t think we all look to be defined by the same thing and I don’t think that just liking mainstream something makes someone a “sheep”, we all like what we like. I think that if we are brainless about the things that we like and only follow a trend then yes what are we doing?! But just because someone actually likes something that is popular or wants to do a style that isn’t “off beat” does that make them any less an artist? I don’t think so, but I honestly never tried to pursue music or an artistic pursuit as my career. I know that people say that that those who write for the masses sell out, but even those who didn’t, sometimes after their death granted, turn out to be just what the masses wants. These are just my thoughts and ramblings and can be dismissed by any who read or feel that I am wrong for my own opinion, I am used to that, but I do like what I like and think what I think and I don’t think we should be viewed only for that, simply because they may not be considered the “best” or greatest thing ever. Again just my opinion. Powerful poem that expresses your opinions and that is always a good thing. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • bloodnshadow says:

      You seem to have missed somehow the point. Art is just an example of a way of thinking. This poem goes beyond just trying to explain art. It’s about having an identity. It’s about self-worth. In my opinion “being the best” is being yourself, not a carbon copy of somebody else or someone that is there just to please others no matter self worth. “Being the best” is fighting against the current trends that degrades society, dumbs them down and guides them like blind sheep. I believe in questioning oneself; “This seems/feels good but is it truly good?” Then again, that’s just me and that what makes me unique. Thanks for the reply. 🙂

      • crissybwell says:

        I was looking at one aspect of it, as a jumping off, and yes trends happen in more than just art. I think that we all strive for the best, but we have different definitions of what is the best, so sometimes that comes into account too. Some people see making a lot of money as the best thing, or being popular, we must consider what each person thinks is the best and you are right this is yours and that is what makes you unique, so if others thought exactly like this then they won’t be unique because they would just follow what you say…again it just all has to come down to respecting that people are people and we are all unique on the things that we think matter or we just simply don’t care, and sad as it is we can’t make someone care if they don’t want too.

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