World Burning Down
Life is such a goddamn drama
Where the fuck is God to help us out?
And me, you know, I am a truly believer
But for your own sake please answer.
I cannot save the world like you can
I cannot heal the world like you can
I cannot help the world like you can
So all I’m asking here is that you already do.
And me, you know, full of anger
Full of pain, full of past regrets
Full of desperation but full of faith
Yes, God, you know me, I’m a true believer.
I cannot follow through if you don’t guide me
I cannot speak the truth if you don’t teach me
I cannot love this world if you don’t love me
So all I’m asking is to give all these things, please.
I’m so tired of watching disappointed people
Looking for a way out and begging you to give them a sign
Aren’t they important to you too?
Don’t you see they’re about to quit you and never believe again?
So excuse my anger and excuse my disrespect
And excuse my cursing and excuse my discussion
But if there are no answers don’t make us question
If there’s no truth don’t tell us to believe in it….
  1. crissybwell says:

    I wish there was something that I could say to help you through all this, but sadly we must just have faith sometimes. I think that we all have felt or feel similar to how you express in this poem. Sometimes it feels like we are talking, praising, calling out simply to our walls or ceiling, but we have to remember that even though we can’t see or hear at times, the voice, God is there ever calling and reaching for us and again sometimes that simply must be taken by faith. We are loved, cherished and treasured by him, again just like I have before, look to the book for Job, look at all he was put through yet still praised. Isn’t that what we called to do, yes we may doubt and question and there is nothing wrong with that, but we aren’t promised an easy life here on Earth, just that we are given on. We must decide what we are to do, should we sit and question or accept that we live in a fallen world and sometimes the chaos and heartache we face we may feel alone but we have to remember that we aren’t and God will be the one who helps us through and puts those in our path to get us there. You aren’t doing it alone. Love you!! ❤ ❤

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