Damsel in Distress
The moon beams upon your face so lovely and stunning
The stalker gleams of joy, the suspect of this gentle crime;
Hides behind wherever the background around allows him to
You’re the damsel in distress and he can’t be your protagonist.
Come act two, raise of the red curtains
Scenery of a mockery of what used to be courtesy
Comes the hammer hammering as the axe is axing
Such brutal seize of such a delicate flower.
The stars dance across your smile while here at the distance
The stalker gets up close, with shaky hands and pure intent
Stumbling across every word that gaps between the silence
You laugh for a while; he shakes his head nervous endlessly.
Come act four, raise the champagne glasses
Shoving elbows, herd of invites run upfront
Boast victory’s eye browns as the victorious gloat again
A grin in arrogance to the one dreaming still.
Blood shed of an innocent
Soon the coven to be included
One night of infortunes
Came the hammer of envy, came the axe of death
And doing so, like all he knows
The now new husband took his chance
To prove his manhood and show all his strength
To free the damsel in distress from the one who chased her tease.
~Ryan Lyandree
  1. crissybwell says:

    I like dark yet lovely nature of this poem. Another great work from Ryan.

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