Lurching and Staggering
I think I’m ready to let go
So come and cut off these straps
I think I’m ready to jump off
This ledge and onto the bottomless pit
And embrace the concrete with open arms
Cause if I die bleeding and with broken bones
It is because I tried to live carelessly
In the arms of your beautiful but deceitful nature.
I’m reeling in
Your very nature
I’m lurching.
I think I’m ready to lead on
So come my faithful followers, come to me
Follow me to wherever I may go
Be that the gates of heaven or the pits of hell
Follow my every step, follow my every trace
Like a modern apathetic Messiah
Impugning others when I’ve been reading the map backwards
Hitchhiking while taking hostage the innocents.
I’m reeling in
The fearsome hostages
I’m staggering.
I think I’m becoming more than I can handle
I am becoming the flame and the fire burning on and on
I was and always will be the one you won’t understand
Cause I need to fit the pieces where they fit and nowhere else.
I am becoming more than anyone can handle
I am the scalpel begging your veins for a day out
I am the math problem witch equation is unreliable
I’m the broken juxtaposed of a maze and a puzzle.
Out the morning sun
Here the comes the prince of air
Taking flight in the night
While I just lurch and stagger.

~Ryan Lyandree

  1. crissybwell says:

    Great poem as always. Powerful and thought provoking.

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