Meaningless; that’s what I have become
My aura is not shining
My center’s atrophied
The evidence well exposed
I have followed the path of self-destruction
I have led the trend of self-loathing
The first step would be to forgive myself
But I, I can’t
I simply can’t.
The first step would be to forget all this
And move onto my next victim
But I can’t.
I’ve fallen in love with self-destruction
And I’ve fallen in love with the darkness
That I find in the hallways of my soul
Oh artificially minded devil, unravel these shackles
Preposterous to your every demand
Here’s my letter of resignation
I quit at this moment
I simply can’t.
At this very moment
When the spear is puncturing at my side
And I’m bleeding like the people’s savior
I simply can’t.
The wind has calmed down
For a storm is soon to come
Should I address it face on?
Or should I hide or try to run?
Under these countless of stones
I have buried my very will
What should I do from now on?
Should I get out or should I keep in?
Echoes of our silence are my words
This is what we’ve decided
This is what we’ve become.
I knock at the doors of redemption
This is where I’ve been led to
And maybe this is what I need too.
~Ryan Lynadree


  1. crissybwell says:

    I can feel the lines, the words, I love the parallel. I think this is one of my favorite poems from Ryan, just how it all seems to turn in the end and has that little glint of hope and like he said “redemption”. I look forward to reading more and still waiting on that book of his 😉 Great poem love ❤ ❤

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