Exasperating Belief

Exasperating Belief
How many times have you been called hypocrite?
Cause you go back to drink, get your fix, to sleep around?
How many times have you thought of giving up?
Cause you get up and fall down and get up and fall down?
In the minds of the others you’re just a waste of time
And the pain they have caused you, you must overcome
They will only pick you up, just to throw you away
But this apathetic sadistic pattern won’t always be forever.
Cause behind that wall, the truth is bleeding
Begging and asking to be seen, to be reached
Like your prayers, every night, every time you are hurting
Drunk and high and wasted and messing up again.
How many times have they been disappointed?
In your failures, in your fallings, in your mistakes?
How many times have you tried to prove them wrong?
By trying so hard that you open a wound and begin pouring blood?
In the hearts of the wounded only coldness perseverance
And the pain that they’ve felt they want you to feel too
They will treat you like they’ve been treated; indifferent
But this constant turmoil of tormenting chaos has an ending point.
Behind that wall, the one stopping you
There’s a door begging to be opened, to be crossed
And like you’ve dreamt, your eyes won’t believe what they’re seeing
The glory of love wrapped in the warmth of the embracing.
The world doesn’t have to see you with the eyes of love
The one who created you has, is, and will always love you…

8 thoughts on “Exasperating Belief

  1. This is so true. It’s sad that so many don’t find the love and understanding they need here with others, but we are all loved if nothing else by the Father above. Another beautiful yet sad poem. We must stand strong in what we believe.

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