Adherent Associate

Adherent Associate

Sometimes I feel the heavy disappointment of the broken night before
Gaining weight upon my shoulders
Sinking me deeper, ever under
But I’ll never forget the way you looked at me
I will never forget the words you said too me
“Thanks for all the support you gave to me
You were right there for me from the beginning… and you were right.”

Something unexpected changed my life forever
This is who I mean to be
This is what I mean to do.

Sometimes I feel the heavy burden of the unresolved discussions in my chest
Expanding across my muscles, choking its core
Waiting for the truth to come forth
And I’ll never forget the drawings painted across
Somewhere in your heart there was some warm love for me
I guess this is the effect I create on people I care about
I guess this is my curse, this is my blessing; to be there… Until I can’t anymore.

Something unexpected changed my life forever
This is who I mean to be
This is what I mean to do
And if you can’t see that
Then you don’t belong with me
If you cannot see my worth
Then you don’t really love me.

You cannot fill a vase that’s full
But you can fill an empty one
If you don’t need me, let me go
If I have nothing to teach you, please understand
That there is nothing I can do
I am useless when my usefulness is being wasted
If I’m boring to you, a little bit frustrating
I advise you, girl, pick up a book and begin some learning.


11 thoughts on “Adherent Associate

  1. Sometimes the heaviest burden is the perceived one that we put on ourselves. Sometimes it’s not about the other person making the choice it’s about doing and loving the best that you can and if there isn’t equal understanding then it just won’t work. I think love is always worth fighting for if given an honest chance but if odds are starting stacked against it sometimes it feels like a losing uphill battle. I think that you have more worth than you ever give yourself credit for and that just because someone doesn’t have the same knowledge or interest as you isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes we go with our knowledge and if others can teach we just sit silent and listen. Silence isn’t a bad thing I don’t think and if you can share your knowledge with others then you should. Love is such a personal thing we often don’t see love the same as another but love is love and if it’s true then it’s worth fighting and sticking around for I believe. Great poem.

      1. It’s okay. You have ur own opinion and I respect that. But your kind of missing the point. Anyways, don’t worry. That’s what opinions are for; to give them.

      2. Maybe I don’t understand the point, sorry. I guess I understood it as you realizing what you want then not having the person or people around you understand that for whatever reason and if they don’t then they need to try and understand it and support you how you need. Sorry again maybe sometimes I speak out of turn. Sorry again.

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