Monica Marie

Though there’s nobody I know by that name; this is dedicated to every beautiful girl out there, mostly those who are poets, and the men falling in love with them.

Monica Marie

Your face is so precious
And there’s something about your hair
The way it falls, caressing your check bones
And the way your smile draws those beautiful dimples.

Come to me
Come to me tonight
I am a slave to your heart
My beautiful Monica Marie
It’s the way you bob your head
When you feel a bit nervous
And the way your eyes stare at me
Like their piercing into my soul.

Let’s come rest
Inside the shelter of our love
On each other’s shoulder
Sweet Monica Marie
Hair red burns like fire
Your passion is my desire.

You’re an anagram for love
Inside of my thirsty heart
You’re my oasis, my resting place
For my love to be seeded and grow forever furthermore.

In my recollection of memories for love
You’re the first image
You’re the bridge that fills the gap between my heart and my feeling
And now my heart can love again.


3 thoughts on “Monica Marie

  1. I wish you knew someone as she. We all deserve love and to be loved as you write here. These are beautiful words and one only hopes to some day find someone who writes such words as these and think of them. Beautiful.

    1. That’s the thing about being a writer I can create things of my own. In this case a character. Definitely! Yep! Love is beautiful when it’s being embraced and taken care of. Thanks again!

      1. Yes that is being a writer, I hope you find that in your own life so it doesn’t need to be created from fiction. It is beautiful when it is. You are welcome.

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