Contemplating Suicide

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Painful Poetry, Struggle Poetry
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Contemplating Suicide
The ghosts have disappeared and left me alone again
The people I once knew are dead and they are buried
And I loved you with all my heart
I loved you with all my strength.
I’m in a coma, sleeping a new life
Without a possibility of waking up again
Everyone I knew then now is gone
I loved them but now they are lost forever.
The demons of my head and heart still haunt me on
They are the only things left alive of my former life
And I loved my children with all my heart
But now they’re beyond my reach, my arms.
I’m in this corner, a broken paradise
She did all she could to save me but
She knows I’m gone beyond a way to
Be saved somehow, cause my soul is dead too.
This theater is empty
They didn’t come, not even to laugh at me
To tell me “I told you so”
To mourn my decisions and my mistakes
I’m nailed to my cross
To my Godless based faith
I prayed and nobody answered
He didn’t come, not even to laugh at me…
And, I… I am what my mother made of me
A nothing child with nothing dreams
I tried to achieve more than that to prove her wrong
Funny, the one that was wrong was old nothing me…
  1. crissybwell says:

    This is heartbreaking and I am sorry for all of the pain that you are feeling. I can’t truly understand how hard it all is for you and for the distance to be away from those you love so dearly, but I don’t believe that anything is lost forever. There is always options, sometimes it takes us a while, but for things that we love most we can never give up or lose hope, just look at us. There is always hope and always an option, you are a fighter and I am right here with you. Keep writing and getting it out, just know that you aren’t alone in any of this. Love you!

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