You make me feel like the world’s biggest winner
You make my every day and my life a lot brighter
Even in distance you can make this beautiful miracle
Across the sea, it gets to me and stays in my soul.
You’re the center of my love
The reason for all of my goodness
For some that might not be enough
But it’s for you, my dear children.
You’re the only people in this world that I truly love
The only ones I would never turn my back to
The ones who I’ll always gonna be there for
The only ones who can contain my anger and increase my sensibility.
You’re the reason of why I exist
I only exist to love and to protect you
Days may come and years may go
But you will always be my little babies.
My heart beat cause you my boys exists
I don’t care if nobody else can see this
As long as you guys can, I’ll always be happy
My kids, you’re the reason I’m still breathing.
Evil and lies might have separated us for awhile
Although I truly don’t believe in Karma, I hope it puts everything in order
And give back the pain to those who hurts us all
And return us to each other’s arms again and stay like this till you’re adults.
And if there’s a God up there
You guys are the definition of my Salvation
Yeah, in Jesus I believe and do fear
But you babies are my real and true motivation.
  1. PookyH says:

    What beautiful words of love – I too hope Karma sorts things out x

  2. crissybwell says:

    This is beautiful and glad that you are able to write this for them. They know that you love them and distance nor lies can’t change that. Just have faith and hope in love and things that matter. Hate fades and is wasted, focus on this, the love for your children and that will continue to help you get through. Hope is never lost. Love you! ❤ ❤

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