Posted: November 4, 2013 in Social/Society Poetry
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This is not poetry… This is just venting…
You fucking hypocrite
This is supposed to be my outlet
Throughout all the shit we’ve been
You still think I don’t understand
And damn right I’ve changed
But I still feel like fucking shit
Fuck this honesty and the next one
This isn’t something that brothers talk about
We aren’t all this goddamn sensitive
And yes, I’m fucking sorry I wasn’t there for you when you need me the most
But what the fuck man?
I do too have a life, and I’m only in charge of my two sons
You know that man
I’m not one to cry on somebody’s shoulder
I’m not one to cry for anything at all
Even if I’m really as sensible as a female
I’m not one to express my weaknesses in public
And yep, you are correct, that makes me a shitty best friend
But man, what can’t you take care of yourself?
We’ve both through all this life full of shit
We’ve both slept on the streets and starved for days
And dude, I’m a kept it short
You might be “gansta” but I never could
You know about drugs, guns, knives, about being shot and stabbed
You even know about being robbed by people you thought were your peers too
Me, the worst I’ve been through is being picked on at school
And the thing I haven’t told you, my childhood being abused
But even that didn’t drive me crazy enough
To be in the state you are now, bro
I’m not even sure if you are okay, alive or dead
But man, when it comes to your best pals,
You should chill out and let them explain the reasons behind
That time you need them they just couldn’t help.
  1. crissybwell says:

    Well, sometimes this is exactly what we need. I am sorry for what happened with your friend, but those who truly care about us will come around. All we can do is try the best we know how and then allow others to accept it or not, but that choice is on them. I love how you say this isn’t poetry, pssshh, when you know it is. We all have our ways of letting our feelings, emotions out. Glad you have your outlets, we all need them right 🙂 ❤ ❤

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