You’re outside these lines
You are not a topic on my list to write about
Cause all I feel I want to share with you
And not make it feel like it’s a story or a metaphor.
Now I understand the human frailty
It is now that I understand why my father cried
I’m so desperate, wanting to carve my own skin
It’s like you’re dead, but no, you’re alive, you’re living.
I did this for you, rather than just to run away
You know if I go back, it will be the end of me
Either way I’m losing you, either way you’re a ghost
In my head and I wish you were here to tell you “I love you!”
Now I understand what’s to lose everything
It wasn’t my bed, my room, my things, my home
I float around the memories of the things that I wish
I could grasp, hold tight and never ever let go.
I hate the drama that comes after something so important
You’re my own, you’re mine, mine, and I want you here
You’re my lungs, my heart, my soul, and my air
Without you I’m unhappy, I’m dead, my children…
Please come back, come back to me, come back home…
You don’t belong but with me, I’m your guardian
The one who has always taken care of you both
And if God do truly exist, he will help us be together once again.



  1. crissybwell says:

    I can’t imagine what you are feeling and going through. I am someone who cares for you and if there is a way for you to be with them again I hope you take it because it sounds like your only shot at happiness. We all deserve to be happy and those who love you only want for you to feel that way. There is a God, I do believe, so I think that there is nothing that is certain in this life, so just believe that you will see them again and work towards that and whatever is meant to happen will happen. Sometimes we don’t understand it all when we are going through it, but we can never give up. Hope is always there. ((((hugs)))))

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