Heavy are the thousand pictures weighting in my head
Regretting all the things I should’ve done or said
Now time and space are the bridge that has been broken
The usual utter silence runs hastily, taking its place.
There’s a thing we can’t stop
Even if we tried with all our prayers
These are the thoughts that stay on top
But then again a well deserve rest is what you’ve been asking.
Isn’t it funny? Years pass as if we’re going to be here forever
The circumstances of the past come to haunts us and devour us
But you have made good with your master; soul and everything
So when you speak of your words, you know your journey wasn’t in vain.
I cannot deny the fact that this is gonna hurt me severely
You know the love you have given is being reciprocated
Now wrapped in the sheets that only wake you feel cold
You shiver out the heat of the rays that penetrated your skin.
I don’t want to conclude this letter
Without saying I’m sorry
Without accepting I could’ve done more
Afraid of the outcome, I ran away
And left you alone with the hope of helping me out
You are a great teacher
One of the best I’m proud having been taught by
And if I could, I would, turn back time
Make you proud of me
I’m so sorry I wasn’t courageous enough to be there for you when you needed me the most
I am truly deeply sorry.
  1. beingcreativebc says:

    This is very heartbreaking, but we must write to get these thoughts and feelings out. I am glad that you are able to share of your pain and heartache. Great poem, very moving! ((((hugs)))) love you!

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