In a Sick and Twisted Way
I know you’re getting tired of me playing the smartass
But when you do, baby, you lose all your pretty ditty class
My intention is not to lose another love because of my temper
So when I make my jokes you might as well hold a bit tighter.
I’m a box full of surprises with a warning note attached to it
You better read it, cause baby, I, as well, am, full of shit
Half kidding, half being brutally honest, even I miss the dividing line
To differentiate the immediate truth from the penned up psychological issues.
And yes, I’m a corner you like an animal running from its life
Yes, I’m a strip you of all you’re hiding away from me in fear
Isn’t it manly when I can deal in such a pacifying pace?
Isn’t it sexy when I implode and destroy everything at my reach?
I’m in need of some help
Won’t you help me please?
But don’t forget…
…That you’re in need of some help
Won’t you let me help you please?
Apparently three decades are not enough for my brain to mature
I would try to be like others, but baby, that’s just simply cow manure
I’m watching this life from a great distance but also with a microscope
And oh, baby, there’s some things I can deal with, but others that I simply cannot cope.
So for every asswipe who wouldn’t give me the recognition that I deserve,
I need to sacrifice another scared virgin for the sake of my imaginary demon feed
So pee in a cup, lady luck, the winners will always win forever
And the losers as me, well, we will keep digging holes for the winner’s corpses.
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