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This is dedicated to all of the beautiful people out there that are seeking for love or are in a love relationship… Never give up!

Houston, Penguins and that Peculiar Look in your Eyes

If you ever encounter love
If you ever find it in front of you
Don’t ever let it go
Hold it against your heart and soul.

I don’t mind feeling cheesy
I don’t mind being called naïve
This doesn’t need to be classy
This doesn’t need to be perfect.

All that I need is what you have to give me
All that I have is there for me to give to you
And whether you forget about me the next morning or in the next ten years
I know I’m gonna take my chances to be honest about what I feel.

Call me attention whore
Call me goddamn desperate
Oh yes, I can be a drama queen
But isn’t this world a little bit dramatic to begin with?

I know my worth
You don’t have to show me
But if you want to
I won’t stop you from doing so.

This is my life
And I have decided to include you
Do you want to be part of it?
Try to be happy for a change?

This is my love
For anyone who wants to embrace it
It’s free but it will cost
All of the strength in the world to retain it.

This is the light on the dark side of the moon
The hope when the coldest of night comes
Hold me closer, closer to your heart
Only love can heal the wounds
Only love can erase those scars…


Rejection (The Writing on the Walls of your Head)

Discard my words when they seem too hard to swallow
Enemy me cause I’m gonna speak my mind out loud
Join the group that you think will help you with your sorrow
I’m gonna join the ones who will speak the truth with no doubts.

Give me a medal, for I’ve been fighting this war for far too long
And even if at times I feel like nothing, I won’t even let them win this over, no
I know the tactics, and I know the tricks
So don’t think you can lie to me that easily
I know how it crumbles, how to keep it on its feet
But you’re too close to the ground to even begin to see how it truly is.

You’ll contradict my every word even if it means going out of your way
You’ll hate me even for the same reasons that you think nobody will be able to love you
Those who voice under the echo of the devil will have their ending day
You could come crawling back to me but I know your pride weights heavier than your awry soul.

The many gods in the sky won’t give you a helping hand
You bit on the fruit, hoping for knowledge, but now you’re chocking
Now you see that the words that were written so long ago…
Were true, and now’s far too late to repent from the deceits of the serpent.

This is dedicated to all people who feel unique just because they think they’re perfect, or because they think they’re right in their deranged truths.

One of the Evil Ones

You’re one of the evil ones
Who’s words always rhyme
Who’s sentences are in line
Who’s perfect every time.
Yes, you’re one of the evil ones
Who’s life is always “fine”
Who feels one of a kind
Who’s belief is a constant deny.
Oh, yes, you, one of the evil ones
Who has never wonder why?
Who claims at heavens “my, oh my…”
Who has fallen out of sight.
Yes, I’m sure you’re one of the evil ones
Who wears a smile as a disguise
Who thinks its comments are wise
Who doesn’t follow its own advice.
There’s no denying you’re one of the evil ones
Who with blood always signs
Who with tears always wines
Who’s thoughts are lost in its own mind.
What do you get by being one of the evil ones?
Does it make you feel more alive?
Does it protect you from your own lies?
Does it save you from your own demise?
Lost in space
I am an astronaut
That tried to explore newer worlds
But end up…
Lost in the vast dark nothingness….
And all the love
I had for you
To give to you
Is somewhere here in my hollow self
In my sleeping heart…
Please don’t leave me alone…
I thought by now I would’ve found my way home
What can I say I learned?
What can I say to my own?
Nothing is what it seems
And dreams are where they belong…
I can change my address
And I can change my name
I can change my gender
I can even change my race
But still under this skin
These traces of this trauma…
That only life can give you lie…
I can redeem myself
I can kill myself
Over and over and over again
But until I have learned
To validate and love myself
Things won’t really change
For this life or for the next…
Falling fast into the atmosphere
I am burning like a meteor
When I hit the ground I know it’ll hurt
And then I’ll be laying there for awhile
Swaying myself and weeping
Thinking about the things I have lost
Thinking about the things I could’ve done…
Now so far away from home…
All I have right here…
Is my wounded flesh and broken bones
All I have right now…
Is myself dying… all alone…
These things will never return or grow back
The end was past long over, now in limbo
Saying payers for the souls kept in the purgatory
Yet Karma hasn’t woken up from its resting place.
Being fifteen is like being thirty is like being forty-five
If you don’t learn to love yourself the way that the others won’t
A new young skin that writhes with time, which isn’t your ally
As your friends disappear little by little, death takes care of your adversaries.
In this cancerous self-pity of the events you can’t control
Or even begin to comprehend; add the pieces to the puzzle
That you will never solve, but still think of completing…
Destiny is just a playing partner calling checkmate with your hope.
So either die under the boot with the dirt, worms and other dog feces
Or rise up with a wilderness spell; strap yourself to go with a big bang
Either is an action or reaction of what this biosphere has been giving you
Inactive, you become the criminal that sell babies to drug lords and world leaders…

I haven’t been working that much on posting cause I’ve been busy doing other things; like painting, composing music, recording and producing. What have I been drawing? Mostly manga style. What have I been producing? Christine Blackwell’s new single.

Here’s for your visual and audio delight… Lol!

First my drawings:

Rick Michir


Girl Samurai

Second, my recording, and producing (singing by: Christine Blackwell)

Easy, today, just run away and never come back again
Easy, today, just slit your wrists and let it die for sure
Easy, today, just shut your mouth and nothing to say
Easy, today, try to change it all but you surely can’t….
Don’t give your advice
I don’t need your words
Where’s your support?
Buried deep in your despair…
One kill after the other
You don’t know what’s to have blood in your hands
One kill, but never myself
Behind the nothingness of this door, only disappointment…