Napkin Soul, Garbage Heart
You held the galaxy for a decade
Just for the pieces to move
But when it came to the checkmate
You cut the head of time and space
So bleeding essence screaming help
For every being that could not yelp.
So unload everything onto me
Everything that has been a heavy burden
Unload all of this weight onto me
Right into my napkin soul, my garbage heart
You unpacked your memoirs and shove them inside my head
You needed a safety place to keep them
But when the shelter became old and grey
You realize I’ve been growing rusty and moldy
So when you tried to chance the locks
I’ve already forgotten the combination for it all.
But if ever need a safety place to keep your fears
And if you ever need a cup to catch your tears
And if you ever need to clean your mucus from your nose
Here’s my napkin soul for you to use
My garbage heart for you to dump the things
That you have no need for anymore
Just like me when I try to reach for faith and hope
And all of the things that in your head you simply cannot cope with.
  1. I really like the honest, reflective tone of this poem. It’s both endearing and heartbreaking. We can only give so much without getting anything back. It’s really a beautiful poem and I love it. Lbe you babe. ❤ ❤

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