Singers/Song Writers: The New Poets

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Music, Uncategorized
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Singers/Song Writers: The New Poets

Lately I’ve turn more into music than into poetry for inspiration. I’ve found that they’re a lot of singers/song writers that write REALLY good. They’re master in the way they form verses. Specially in rock music. I don’t mean “heavy metal”, for those of you who doesn’t know that they’re over 200+ different styles in rock. And yes, there’s some heavy metal lyricist that are really good too. Anyways, I was gonna write more about it, but now I’m bored. (That’s just typical me). Maybe one day I will write more about the topic. All in all, I’m amazed about how many great lyricist are in this world. Just as good as the poets of yesterday. Here’s an example of one of those songs whose lyrics I think are simply awesome.


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