The Blood That Leads To Death
I cannot believe I’m losing my life for this
For all your lies and all of your mistakes
I guess one of us have the pay the price
For all you’ve taken without anyone’s concern.
It hurts to have shed some skin with you
It hurts to have sold my seeds
It hurts to be one that had to run far away
While your empire of pig shit keeps building up.
I cannot believe you are still winning
I don’t know why God handed this to you
Now that your fornicate with one of them demons
You blaspheme your Savior’s name again.
It hurts to know I haven’t killed you yet
It hurts to know you’re still alive
And God forgive me if this way of out line
But how I wish that you would choke with all your lies.
You have given me a reason to hate on something
You have given me a reason to hate on someone
You have given me a thousand reasons just to keep on burning
You have given me a million reasons just to keep on waiting
For the end of this charade to come
As you chew on your last bitch’s bone
May this heavy burden fall upon you whore
And crush you like the cockroach you’ve become.
You’re the blood that leads to death
Damn the day your mother gave birth to your disgusting self
Make sure in the next life you’re the one to die
Before you send other innocent lives to their early graves.
  1. I am sorry for all of the pain you are feeling and you know that I am right here. I love you and I wish that I could make it all right and better for you. If I could do anything, in a heartbeat I would. God will resolve it, just have faith. I am right here with you and I will do everything I can as I stand beside you. I love you with all my heart! ((((hugs)))))

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