In Love and In Ignorance

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Artsy Poetry, Encouraging Poetry, Enigmatic Poetry, Relations Poetry
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In Love and In Ignorance
Seeing with your eyes closed
Speaking with your mouth full
And hoping not to choke?
Man, you’re wrapping yourself in the short end of this rope.
We as a race
We as a society
Squaring in our own boxes
I’ve decided to cut through the cardboard.
In love and in ignorance
You will always stay by my side
Until what it is means no more
Then all that you swore you meant before
Becomes another lie added to the fact
That you couldn’t see beyond your own fragile promises.
Walking with both legs bound
Praying at one dead god
And hoping to get an honest response?
Man, you must have been dropped as an infant, certainly.
We as beings
We as nothing
Blindfolding our own visions
I’ve decided to be guided by the gnosis.
In love and in ignorance
You will always say you understand
Until what I am fits you no more
Then all that you swore you felt before
Becomes another typo in the instructions
Of the life that you forgot to read and follow through.
How do you dare come at me with that tone?
How do you dare mock such profound fact?
Ignorance and blindness everywhere, it’s comforting
But when it comes back biting at your ass, laugh as well!!!
Come on, laugh as well
Look at me, like I’m an alien
And tell yourself you belong
But at the end, we’ll all be gone.
  1. beingcreativebc says:

    Sometimes we forget why we do the things that we do, or we simply ignore the real reason. Sometimes we fail to see and love those for the truth that is there and only give from what our limited minds can understand. We must all continue to learn, grow and love. For those who are blind we must try to show them and those who are willing will see and those we aren’t, well at least you can say that you tried. We are all gone in the end, but we must make our time matter before we are.

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