The Hunger The Need
Doctor, you don’t need to read me
I can read me on my own
Listen to me speak right now
Religiously medication vow
There’s a parallel in the way we speak
There’s a parallel in the way I’m feeling
If only you could read between the lines
I think it would be easier for you to understand
I’m giving you the answers
But you still are not seeing them
I’m giving you the answers
But you still are not reading them
How can you wish to see the whole picture…
If you don’t care about putting the pieces of the puzzle together?
I know myself; you don’t have to tell me
I know myself, but you don’t know me
And I’m telling you this is me but you still can’t hear
And I’m showing you the proofs and still you won’t take them in
For later on… showing me I was right all along
For later on… treating me like you didn’t know that this was me all along.
Well, there was a riddle that was floating around in my space,
Haunting and bugging on my face,
Teasing me constantly
And I felt the triggering urge of solving it,
So I searched deep into the tunnels of this forbidden spiritual mystery
But what I found isn’t what I was hoping for,
And in no way I would’ve imagined the matter of its existence could be possible
Or even then thought of the consequences of having found it
But then it moved across on its own like a living thing
And gained the ability of speech like those of gnostic scientists
And it got stuck on me like a vampire looking for blood,
Attached on my head like bacteria hungry for a host,
Forever keening and distorting my spirit
By then there was nothing I could do,
I already started to like the feeling,
It already assimilated with me;
I too felt the hunger, the need…
It became my very best friend….
My life and my center…

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