I wrote this in the way I used to write back when I was 15 years old… Almost 2 decades ago… lol!

Panic Attack

Wake up!
It’s all in your head
Invisible, visible
It’s all made believe.

The one you love
The one who loves you
The joy and the agony
You’re just dreaming.

The name you have
The person you are
It’s all pretended
You don’t exist!

Wake up!
It’s all been lie
Life, death
Nothing is real!

The days you confront
The issues you deal with
All in all
They’re just a dream.

The life you have
The person you have become
It’s all pretended
Open your eyes and see!!!

  1. This is filled with emotion and sometimes writing is just about writing. We don’t need the perfect or the abstract, we just have words and feelings inside of us that we need to release. I think in a way that is exactly what this is. It’s weird to write or go back and read things from when we were younger, before we matured in our life and writing styles.Sometimes it is good to go back and revisit those times so we truly can see how far we have come and also just let ourselves go from any holds we have on our writing and just write. I enjoyed this piece, all the anger, intensity and despite it not being like most of the poems you currently write, I definitely see your raw emotions and truth shine through.

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