Teen Angst (Or Put An Attractive Title So People Will Read Up This Sh!t)

I can’t find the reasons to keep thinking that I’m still sick
I think that’s a thing that we sociopaths do to deny everything
I can’t find a reason but I still feel the urge to scratch that itch
Once I’ve started I cannot stop until I find myself bleeding.

Yes, I’m feeling a lot better
All these voices in my head have become my friends
Now my demons are pacifists
But all these picnics we are having aren’t for you to be in.

You don’t need to write on that notepad my dear doctor
For I am writing a whole library about how I feel every day
Instead of paying someone to tell me how much I am fucked
I get paid to embrace this hell I live inside my own head.

Oh, I’m feeling a hell of lot better
Now this jail is decorated and we’ve reservation for its guests
Oh, we’re gonna have ourselves a party
We’ll be raping our dead bodies and tossing them into the pit.

I never intended for it to get this far
All I ever wanted was to feel like I was okay
I never wanted to carve up these scars
All I ever wanted was to have an outlet in some way.

So all I say is worthless
Most days I feel trapped inside my own soul
For all the pain is timeless
It takes when least expected and grabs ahold.

  1. This is so full of emotion and intense. I can say that there are definitely things in here that I can relate too. I think at times we all struggle with our feelings of being ok or not or question how far have we come from where we used to be. No matter what we just have to keep going and moving forward, hopefully it continues to get better and improve. (((hugs)))) ❤ ❤ ❤

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