Hard To Ignore

The starving man thinks that it’s a humiliation that he has nothing to eat
While we drive our $60,000 cars right next to him
Hold with shame that label while we label you as lazy and drugs addicts.
How warm are our sheets while most of them freeze to death
But it’s no political correct to talk about these things
Only except if there was a hurricane bashing in instead
But what can a man who’s starving and striving as well do?
When all the people who have enough to be buried with…
Look the other way
So let’s all pray
For the things that should be
For the things that are not
But don’t you fucking touch my pockets
Don’t you fucking tell me I haven’t done enough.

I was picked up from the streets
So I am really and truly grateful
I have done this for others
So karma did this for me as well
Or at least that’s what I tell myself
With all this yada yada talking talking
Not much has been done to make a difference.

Robin Hood, come rob the rich and save us from our selfish needs
Oh Great Universe, actualize our own goddamn needs to be
Praise Jesus, and all of its people
Those are the first who forget that one point they were fatherless
And praise those who don’t believe in anything
But still don’t do shit to change the facts that are ever present
Praise those who nod in agreement
And praise those who shake in disagreement
And those who are goddamn indifferent
Those who are really opinionated as well as those who say they have an opinion
In this Capitalist idealism
In order for some have more than enough others have to have nothing.

So come give your share
I bet they all can live with a buck
But can you without a thousand of them?
Well you’ve been blessed with luck
But you are right; you’ve worked as much as fuck
Who say that what you earn should be for others?
And not for your own principle necessary needs
It’s not that you don’t care; it’s not that it doesn’t bother
That this situation is mostly the government’s responsibility;
Another two billion dollars spent
On an imaginary war that itches on the balls of our president
No need to be disrespectful
No need to point fingers
So lay back while they spray your face
And kick you out of your home, cause you couldn’t pay your mortgage
While your son is sent to jail or to his death bed
Cause this flag would be blank; white without its sky blue and blood red
If wasn’t for those shed most of theirs and now are dead
Or on the streets asking for some spare change while they still wage this war inside their heads.

This is hard to ignore
Even when I set my eyes in a hypnotizing way toward my TV screen
Well, it’s been haunting my dreams
And all the comfort of this bed is not enough to shake it off my brain.

I’m not trying to change the world
That would be an impossible attempt
I don’t think people by nature are good hearted
I do believe most of them are fucked up
And I do believe in their suffering and struggles
And that were trying to be something we are not
Be that something awful, or something great
We simply cannot face our own mistakes
We try and strive to move forward
Never minding what it takes.

  1. beingcreativebc says:

    Wow this is very impressive, so much heart and honesty. I am humbled by reading this and moved. You continue to amaze me babe by each poem that I read. (((hugs)))) ❤

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