Whose Fault Is It?

Have you ever felt invisible?
Like nobody sees or hear you?
Like no matter what you do
Great, good, bad or awful
Nobody ever applause your achievements
Nobody ever acknowledge your existence.

You feel like screaming your lungs out
You feel like doing something drastic
You feel like closing yourself in
You feel like nothing will change this.

And you try to be productive
Try to come up with beautiful words
Try to come up with a beautiful melody
Maybe break off from this apparent depressive state.

And then you say “to hell with it all”
And you drown yourself in alcohol
Hide yourself behind all the smoke
And drive careless towards the end of the road.

And when you seek for advice
Your friends are nowhere to be found
And when you look for higher things
There’s no response from above.

You tried it all not to feel like this
You really tried to make yourself notice
You asked for help and took your pills
But you still can’t help but feel like utter shit.

So in one last attempt you open yourself up
To see if someone else can relate
You end up in ever more disappointment
Cause it seems like no one else has ever felt the same.
Or maybe they’re just pretending
Whatever may be the case
They’re simply not there
When you need someone to let you know they care.

So when you take matters into your own hands
And make an ultimate decision, whatever those thoughts are
Whose fault is it when you end up with blood on your hands?
When from the beginning you’ve been told
That alone you were born
Alone you will always live,
Alone at the end you will die
Who to blame when you did what you have to do in order to survive?

  1. beingcreativebc says:

    This is very sad and moving. I think almost everyone at one point or another has felt this way. Sometimes we can be surrounded by people that care or we think they do, because they say it, yet we still feel completely alone. And yes the question does become whose fault is it? Ours because we feel this way, life because of our circumstance, or others because they don’t break through? I’m not sure I’ve found an answer, but I know it’s worth it to keep on looking. Loneliness, I’ve experienced, doesn’t last forever. You might feel these things now but it’s not a permanent state. It’s hard to remember or see those around you that love you, but they are there. Sometimes we just need to get these things out and at least knowing that we have attempted to reach out is something. Know that no matter the distance or whatever is going on, I’ll always love you and support you. Loneliness is a temporary state, you and others don’t have to stay there. You aren’t alone. Love you ❤ ❤

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