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Codename: MKU

You wanted to talk about the secret files of corruption
The fundamental base of every conspiring corporation
But you ignore that the ending product of your addiction
Is manufactured by the subliminal drugs set in motion
That piece by piece are brought and forged into production
So you can buy them and add them up to your collection
So you let go and set your spirit free in your imagination
For this is the primal source of your condemnation
The wicked plot that was set since the birth of creation
And you’re just a pawn tied up to its own misdirection.

The experiment consist in involving you
With an impression pre-established ages ago
Another drunken zombie stumbling through
The unhinged idea inserted that won’t let go.

We negate our reality, thinking we are immune
But more than divine, we’re just common
For our strength will never be truly enough
To evade the following trend of fluent current.

There’s no god, if not the God we believe to be true
And being atheists, in our atheism we found ourselves lifeless
And going back to our logic, to our theological roots
We, the impious, found our nature in our pornographic mess
A pious sin to cover up our bodies, to cover up our flesh
Ashamed that the watcher would see through our nakedness.

They will devour you if you allow them
They will win if you give in to their conditions
We are the ones to set down the limit there is to rend
We are the ones abide if there’s any rendition
Before all of their promises, which has no end
Before the consistent existence of no definition
We must recall upon the self-control that in the beginning was given
Instead of exchanging our passion with all the “angels” of fornication.


Bilingual Love

Let’s break this language barrier with our love
Let me show you how this feels on my part
It’s like the collective dust around the globe
Every tiny particle is a beating pulse of my heart.

I wish I could come with words to describe how you make me feel
When I close my eyes, I feel your presence floating over me
When you hold my hands, pulling me closer to your self
It’s like sweet gravity, like a silver river, clean water, purifying me.

Every song I listen to sings about your name, darling
I wish I could be that troubadour writing hymns to you
Every word I speak comes short to what I’m feeling
Snuggling under these blankets, all of these moments I wish to share with you.

“Te amo, mi amor
Y toda mi vida contigo la quiero vivir
A mi lado, corazón
Solo contigo por siempre poder ser feliz
Un beso entregado en multilenguaje
Que pueda hablarte de amor en español y en ingles
Oh, mi vida, tu amor es un tatuaje
Que llevo tatuado en mí ser para siempre, así en bilingüe.”


She doesn’t want me to suffer
But here I am getting desperate
About what could happen tomorrow
She tells me not to worry about it.

I’m here sitting alone in this room
She tells me that I should get out
What the purpose of getting here?
If I’m still gonna be a prisoner of my thoughts?

She thinks her love is not enough
But the only limit I’m measuring now
Is the capability of reaching out
To the people I need and I miss so much.

I’m here sitting alone in this place
She tells me this my new home
What was purpose of beginning again?
If I’m still gonna follow the ghosts of the past?

I’m afraid I’ll never gonna see them again….

I usually don’t like using this as a method to address matters, but in this case I’ve got no other choice. This situation is about my children and me, and I’ll do whatever I can to be there for them. Please read this! It’ll only take you a few minutes.

Hi! My name is Michael Santana. I’m a father of two children. I’ve been divorced for a year. I’m a music producer, poet and painter. I’ve been doing all of these for years. I’ve struggled to get money doing these things or any other way. I’ve promoted myself in a few places with no luck. I traveled to the United States with the hope that I could change that and see if I could make money.

In the process of my divorce, I lost my house, including all of my belongings. My ex-wife kept the house and proceeded to get rid of most of my belongings. This included all of my past artwork (art portfolio), music production (demos and albums recorded) and poetry (poems portfolio) I did from 2012 back to when I was a teenager. The justice system took most of my rights as a father; I couldn’t be with my children, except for two days every two weeks, and the month of June. I was given the sentence of a criminal, or an abusive person, without ever committing a crime, especially not to my children. I’ve always lived my life abiding by the law, and I’ve never done anything illegal. I’ve lived my life clean of illegal substances and alcohol. I’m a spiritual person, who would attend church as much as I could.

I’m not here to ask for money to fill my pockets with, or pay my debts with it. I only want to achieve enough money to be able to fly my children from Puerto Rico to the United States to see them and spend time with them, for at least 2 or 3 weeks. I haven’t been able to see my children for almost a year now. I truly miss them. Before they took my rights, I used to be the one who took care of them; getting them to and from school, doctor visits, etc.

I’ve only been able to save $500 so far, I’d need at least an additional $2,500 to pay for the hotel room, the food, and the flight back to Puerto Rico. Most of what I earn I give it back to Puerto Rico to reduce my debt in child support, and part of it to pay for rent and food where I’m currently staying, I do not have much to save for their coming visit.

This is not something I’m asking to be given for free. I’m willing to give out copies of the music albums I’ve made, and the art I’ve painted, in exchange for the money given or donated. If you are interested in my music or artistic work, please provide an email address along with your donation and I will contact you for further details.

I am not asking this for myself, but for the sake of my children. Every little bit helps me connect with the two loves of my life, my children. Your donations are greatly appreciated and humbly accepted. May God bless you and your family.

Here’s the link to donate

Thank you for taking your time to read. Please donate.

Another “Amanda White” poem…

A Fool without a Vehicle

Give me of your poisonous snake bite
You want some of this virginal blood
You’re descendant of ones with the rites
I’m a child of the one nailed to wood.

You’ve got a thousand stories joyous to tell
I’ve got my own shame to disseminate the spell
Let’s dance together through this treacherous path
Let’s rise up upon death as they did with Seth.

Your black hole eyes sucked me in
Your double voice backwards keeps on seducing
An easy invitation to the current afore-warned
That discernment runs from but the complexion still wants.

Even if that means I’m being deceived
Even if that means I’m being played for a fool.

We will build a big house
We will make a big family
You and I, for always baby…
But baby, you want a castle
It’s not enough for you to be living the dream
It’s not enough for you to be a prince
You want to murder your own kin
And crown yourself king…

You got a plan unstringing from your sleeves
You got an idea unraveling in your brain
You’re gonna burn down this elegant palace
And bring forth the most savage of reigns.

For a moment, your black hole eyes sucked me in
Your double voice backwards keeps on reeling in
An easy invitation to the current afore-warned
That discernment runs from but the complexion still wants.

Even if that means I’m being betrayed
Even if that means I’m being taken for the ride.

You’ve given me of your poisonous snake bite
You’ve taken all of this virginal blood
You’re still descendant of ones with the rites
I was a child of the one nailed to wood.

What have come of this?
Why was I so blind?
What have come of this, baby?
Why can you feel like you used to feel before it all went down?
Before you eagerly wished to put on that crown?
Why can’t it be like it used to be this time around?

I was lost in your black hole eyes
I was seduced by your double voice backwards
I allowed myself cut myself blind
From the truth that was always displayed there.